Hello Technolovers,
Some will know him some won't, but after listening to his set this will definately change!!. Massie has been playing since 2005 in different styles, he now focusses on dark underground techno and hardgroove combined with techno. All the influences and experiences he got and practise he did, helped him to be a solid creative and respected dj. He is available for your gigs and events, So don't wait and listen to his slamming vinyl set!

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The sixth edition of my Get It series of 15 track all-vinyl mixes, each devoted to a different genre, has touched down with a mix of modern grime tracks - dark minimal stuff! The odd mc bit! Bass-heavy instrumentals! Off-kilter weirdness! Icy vibes! Video game-esque melodies! This mix has it all, well, ok no 4/4 kicks. Still, it's fun ..


Federico Mosconi is an italian guitarist. His live experience goes from classical to contemporary music, from solo and ensemble performances (e.g. EMUFest Roma, GAS Festival Goteborg, Festival Angelica Bologna) to orchestral works of authors such as H.W.Henze, B.Maderna e A.Schnittke. He has released on Psychonavigation, Krysalisound, Slowcraft and the latest album, "Light not Light", on Shimmering Moods. In his works he plays classical and electric guitars, and uses Max/MSP for sound processing.